At the service of farmers

Cassinelli’s purpose is to resolve any problems customers could have in their daily work. This is the reason why we deal only products of firms that are well-known not only for their technical reliability, but also for the excellent logistics. In this way, we are assured that spare part delivery is fast and reliable.

This strategy helps us to reach our three main goals:

Comprehensiveness: Cassinelli offers farmers whatever is necessary to modern industrial farming of their lands.

Safety: we deal only top-quality tractors and agricultural machinery by industries that are renowned for the technical reliability of their products.

Assistance: we guarantee our customers a quick and never-stopping assistance that includes repair service thanks to our workshop. Our suppliers are selected by giving preference to the ability to deliver spare parts in a matter of few days.

Besides the supplies of tools and agricultural machines, we help our customers to obtain financial support. We take care of possible administrative encumbrances and the registration of vehicles. Our aim is offer an assistance as comprehensive as possible; at this regard, we employ also the services of our parties, when it is necessary.

Among the brands we are dealer of, we mention: Kubota (agricultural tractor), Kramp (tools), Stihl (chainsaw, hedge clippers), and Viking, Agrimix, Subaru, Lochmann, and many others.

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