Cassinelli: the largest product range for agriculture

Keeping a comprehensive catalogue of products is one of the main goals of Cassinelli as a dealer of equipment for farming and gardening. Our purpose is to be able to give the customer the best technical solution available on the market.

Therefore, we have assembled a set of products that cover the specific needs of the farmers and gardeners from the hilly area of the Langhe, Piedmont, the region of Italy where we are settled.

In addition to tractors, we sell the following categories of equipment:

  • Riding lawn mowers, chainsaws, tools to trim hedges and fruit tree rows by renowned brands like Stihl.
  • Hazelnut harvesters and related tools.
  • Accessories and spare parts for any types of agricultural machinery and machines/vehicles for viticulture, fruit cultivation, irrigation and farming of hilly lands.
  • Lawn movers, threshers, trailers, semi-trailers, loaders, hydraulic lifters, feeding, burying and spreading equipment, shredders.

Our suppliers are selected according to very strict criteria that award quality, safety and reliability. We take into due consideration not only the technical features of each product, but also the ability of the supplier to deliver spare parts quickly, in order to ensure fast and non-stop assistance.

In addition, there is our long experience as a dealer. We know when it is worth repairing a piece of machinery, and when you’d better replace it. We are also able to find the best solution to resolve any practical issue that farmers could have.

The main features of Cassinelli’s catalogue of agricultural machinery:

We have all the necessary for gardening and professional farming, as we keep a range of products as wide as possible. We trade machinery and tools by the most renowned brands in the industry only.
If you have questions, please ask. Our experts will be able to provide you with the right answers and suggestions to resolve any problems.
Cassinelli never lets you down. Our policy is to select suppliers according to their reliability, trustworthiness and ability to ensure quick and punctual spare part deliveries.
Having our own workshop, we are among the few dealers of agricultural machinery that are able to repair tools and machines ourselves and offer full repair service of mechanical components.