Faster harvesting with less manpower

The use of the hazelnut harvesting machinery by Cassinelli allows farmers to skip the preliminary preparation of the ground in the plantation. This result is possible by replacing the vacuum systems of traditional harvesters with a set of special brushes, which leads to a massive save of time and effort and drastically decreases the use of chemical weed killers.

In facts, there is no further need to treat the surface of the land, in order to keep it clear of weeds and grass, and then to prepare the hips to draw. This feature is very interesting for those who wish to farm organically.

The rubber brushes sweep nuts, dust, stones and grass into a cleaning system made of three small consecutive containers and several filters. Hazelnuts are carried into the specific loading area without any rolls. This approach is more environmentally-friendly and kicks up less dust than the hazelnut harvesting machinery with vacuum systems.
Compact and lightweight, Cassinelli’s nut harvesters are especially suited for slopes, narrow rows and places that are hard to reach, as they can be powered and towed even by the smallest and less powerful tractors.

Another interesting feature of the hazelnut harvesters by Cassinelli is their great versatility: it is enough to replace their filters and grids, and your machine is ready to pick up chestnuts, walnuts and any fruit on the ground.

Last, each model of the hazelnut harvesters by Cassinelli has been developed and tested on the plantations of hazelnut trees of the family. In conclusion, this is a product given by farmers to other farmers.

Why the hazelnut machinery by Cassinelli is unique?
• The only one with the hydraulic shift
• The only one which has each component bolted to make maintenance easier
• The only one with dust and oil covers to protect the bearings
• A 30-mm axis replaces the ordinary 25 mm axis, in order to ensure a greater strength
• A double chain is used, in order to increase resistance

Technical features and benefits

Our hazelnut machinery can be mounted even on the smallest and less powerful tractors, with the subsequent save of fuel. Harvesting is faster, as the whole process is streamlined: this results in greater labour saving.
The adoption of a special hydraulic shift system allows operating our hazelnut harvester as a chopping machine, which means that the operator can keep driving the tractor along the middle of the space between two rows while getting close to the trees with the harvester. This causes no harm to the trees and their branches.
The double system with brushes and rubber elements fits perfectly to uneven and rough surfaces. Our hazelnut machinery have no problems on slopes, since the weight is redistributed on the tractor.
The only consumables are the brushes and the seals. Most components are just bolted and not welded, in order to make their replacement easier.
The special air cleaning system between the first and second containers makes the whole process faster. Our hazelnut harvester is one of the faster machines of its kind available on the market today.
The hazelnut harvesting machinery by Cassinelli comes in several sizes, in order to fits also very narrow rows. It can be used also on tractors of 1.20 metres of width only.
One year of guarantee that may be extended up to 2 years. Any failure is covered. Service network throughout Italy.