Kramp makes agriculture easy

A Dutch multinational well-established in Europe, Kramp manufactures over 500.000 products among agricultural machinery, tools and accessories for agriculture. From fruit cultivation to viticulture, from irrigation to the machines for haymaking, Kramp is always able to provide farmers with the right solution.

The purpose of Kramp is to make life as easy as possible. This is the reason why Kramp is particularly concerned with the availability of spare parts and the speed of their delivery to final consumers.

An advanced logistics helps Kramp to achieve their goals. A cutting-edge digitalized system is utilized, in order to assure Kramp dealers with safe and continuous supplies.
Kramp wants to create long-standing and trustworthy relations with the customer. In addition to very good after-sale services, Kramp offers then even some technical and agricultural advice.

Being a Kramp dealer means to enter a big family and be able to offer final customers a greater added value in the form of a service that continues after the purchase of each individual tool or piece of equipment.

Great environmentally-friendliness, opening to technology innovations, big focus on farmers and their needs, seriousness and entrepreneurship are the main values of Kramp. Among their multiple activities, we mention The Green Point, package recycling and the support given to the farmer families in financial difficulties in the UK.

Kramp in short:

Through a catalogue of over 500.000 products, Kramp supplies you with any tools and machinery for whichever kind of cultivation, soils, climate and farm size.
Besides an advanced logistics that ensures safe supplies, Kramp offers some advice to help farmers to develop their businesses.
Kramp looks forwards: they manufacture products of a high technological level and quality only.
Kramp is involved in many campaigns: from the protection of the environment and the promotion of recycling and sustainable packaging to the financial aid to some charities that help farmers in financial difficulties.