Loans on preferential terms & no hassles with bureaucracy

Besides its ordinary activity as a dealer, Cassinelli helps its customers to obtain loans on preferential terms. We deal with the whole process and bureaucracy for you. To provide our customers with the best service, we use an external finance company that offers us preferential rates.

Cassinelli takes care of the whole administrative proceeding by picking up all the relevant documentation and negotiating the best rates on your behalf.

Kubota, in particular, offers farmers very favourable conditions to purchase their tractors: zero rate and instalments over five years. To obtain Kubota’s help, it is necessary to ask the dealer in your area, like Cassinelli.

The strong points of our service of financing for tractors and agricultural machinery in Piedmont:

We deal with the whole administrative process and bureaucracy for you. We negotiate the best conditions on your behalf.
We always act on your interests only. Thanks to our partners, we are always able to obtain the most favourable rates on the market.
You may pay back your loan over a medium-to-long period through easy instalments at a discounted rate.
Being a Kubota dealership, we are entitled to ask very favourable conditions for our customers (zero rate, instalments over 5 years).