Stihl/Viking: taking the lead for over 90 years

Well-known for its highly appreciated chainsaws, Stihl manufactures a wide range of agricultural machinery. It also trades many gardening tools under the brand name Viking.

Innovation has always been a must for Stihl. This is the reason why its products usually feature cutting-edge technologies and solutions, at the point that the expression “made by Stihl” has become a synonym for quality.

Controls and checks are carried out at any stage of the manufacturing process and concern every aspect, from safety at work and product safety to the strict compliance with the European and national laws. Particular care is taken with the environmental impact.

Today, Stihl has subsidiaries in over 160 countries, and it is considered to be the leader in the market segment of the tools for cutting edges and brushes. Stihl stands out also for its social responsibility, at the point that the company has added a specific provision in its bylaw.

Another important point for Stihl is customer satisfaction. Andreas Stihl, the founder of the company, said that: “A chainsaw is good in the measure that it is also good the assistance which we give with it”. For this reason, being a Stihl dealer means doing one’s best by providing clients with a service that must respect the strictest standards of quality and excellence.

Stihl in short:

Making any outdoor job simple and easy is Stihl mission. The research of solutions that are more and more effective, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly has always been a constant over the whole life of the company.
Stihl wants to build relations based on mutual respect, honesty, cooperation and professionality. Its bylaw includes a provision that obliges managers and workers to adhere with the principles of social responsibility.
The internal system of checks and controls on each individual stage of the production process ensures compliance to the strictest safety protocols. Aspects like the safety of the environment, workers and local populations are also taken in great account.
Chainsaws, brush-cutters and edge-trimmers by Stihl are renowned for their high quality. By purchasing the Austrian factory Viking in 2001, Stihl has widened its catalogue to include an extended range of gardening tools and accessory.