Kubota farm tractors, the ideal solution for hilly lands

Farming hilly lands is particularly difficult. Slopes, narrow spaces and areas that are difficult to reach are the main obstacles. For these reasons, farmers prefer smaller tractors, but with higher power and engine torque and good manoeuvrability.

Kubota offers a solution with its suite of tractors expressly developed for the mountainous rural areas of Japan. The steering column, for example, looks longer, but it allows a higher manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

Another benefit of Kubota is their very effective logistics. Thanks to their hub in France, Spare parts are delivered in only one day in Italy.

Last, Kubota tractors are supplied already set-up for use and equipped with every necessary accessory. Thanks to their high functionality, you do not need to purchase further components at a later stage and can save money.

These are the reasons why we have decided to deal Kubota: besides their good technical quality and high endurance, Kubota tractors are very operable and manoeuvrable, and of great help for any farmer.

The main features of Kubota tractors

In order to provide every farmer with the right vehicle for his needs, Kubota produces tractors of any size, power and dimensions, from big tractors for farming on the plains to models with low-range gearboxes to carry heavy loads.
Kubota special tractors are designed to operate in specific conditions, like hilly and mountainous lands, as some solutions, like the steering minimum radius and the evenly distributed load to avoid damaging the trees in narrow rows, have been purposely adopted.
A good tractor must be comfortable, safe and easy to operate. The adoption of solutions like the air-conditioned close cab, the easy and intuitive digital interface of command and a roomy workspace are just a few examples of what Kubota do for you.
One of the biggest firms in the world, Kubota has over a century of experience on manufacturing agricultural machinery of any sort. Spare parts are quickly delivered, thanks to a very well-organized logistic network that reaches any corner of the world.